Frequently Asked Questions



How many industry credits does PowerTest TV offer?

Included with basic registration is content eligible for up to 30 NETA CTD Credits or 3.0 CEUs. Each 45-minute session is eligible for 1 CTD or .1 CEU and each seminar is eligible for 2 CTDs or .2 CEUs. For those interested in additional credits, an additional content bundle is available at an additional cost.


How do I submit for NETA CTD credits using PowerTest TV?

For NETA Certified Technicians interested in earning CTDs using PowerTest TV, there is no submission process. All presentations watched from beginning to end throughout the 90-day access period will be automatically applied to the technicians record.

How do I submit for CEUs using PowerTest TV?

Parties interested in earning CEUs with PowerTest TV should first watch all of their desired presentations, complete the required session evaluation, and submit the administrative fee to earn their credits. For more information, please click here.

When does my 90-day access period expire?

The 90-day access period for PowerTest TV content will expire on June 3, 2022. For individuals interested in earning industry credits, please note that all presentations must be viewed from start to finish to be eligible for credits before this date.

Are the sessions offered in-person in Denver the same as the sessions offered via PowerTest TV?Most of the content offered via the PowerTest TV virtual platform will be different than the sessions and seminars available to in-person attendees. The exception will be Monday’s Electrical Safety Track and the 2022 Keynote Address, both of which will be made available for livestream and on-demand viewing.